An error on Opensea costs an unlucky user 60 ETH

A few hours ago on Opensea the Pteria DAO sold an NFT depicting the famous YouTuber PewDiePie at a record 60 ETH.

Unfortunately, however, the buyer made a mistake and immediately accepted an offer for the same NFT, selling it for 1 ETH. A loss, in short, of no less than 59 ETHs, or no less than $23,600 at the current exchange rate.

In addition to the loss, there is also the hoax: since the NFT entitles the NFT to receive sales of the Pewdiepie Skin within the Wallem mobile game, after a few hours the lucky anonymous 1 ETH buyer received about 300 Pteria ($1200) from the Pteria DAO on his address.

But let’s go with order.

Pteria and the relationship with Wallem

Pteria is a DAO born a few days ago that issued 21 million PTERIA tokens, of which 2.5 million have been allocated to the Wallem gaming app that uses them as internal gaming currency.

Wallem works a bit like Pokemon Go™ but to capture crypto and other products. Every user has an avatar – also known as a gaming skin.

Almost all of these skins have their own NFT equivalent for sale on Opensea, so anyone who buys the non-fungible token is entitled to 10% of all the cryptos collected from the same character’s skin and 100% of all the PTERIA spent to buy the skin in the app, at least in the case of the PewDiePie character, YouTuber from 107M followers who is promoting the Wallem project.

What happened on Opensea?

The first of these PewDiePiePie NFTs, as it allows high profits, was sold at 57.75 ETH two days ago, while the second was sold today at the record price of 60 ETHs.

„I checked on Opensea, I was driving and wasn’t very careful. I also don’t really know how the WETH works, the icon that was next to the number „1“. I saw something in quantity 1 and accepted. Afterwards I received an email saying „Congratulations! You sold your NFT PewDiePie for 1 WETH“. I started screaming and called a blockchain expert friend of mine crying,“ the user explained.

To err, however, is human and the unfortunate buyer made a few too many clicks and sold the NFT PewDiePie for 1 ETH by mistake.

Now we’ll have to see if Opensea can intervene in any way or if the Pteria AED will compensate the unfortunate person.

„I hope there will be a happy ending,“ said the confident user.

If this were Aesop’s fairy tale, the moral would be that you don’t stay on the phone while driving!